Automatic Order Download Scheduler is Released

Daniel Jordan
Created August 18, 2016

Today we launched a scheduler for automatic order downloads. This is an additional setting available in all ‘version 2’ marketplace and ecommerce integrations.

Cin7 Version 2 Integration Apps

We’ve been working through upgrading each of our ecommerce and marketplace apps to provide a more useful and friendly interface.

The apps also bring consistency; the settings available in one will also be available in another, bringing fluidity to the experience, especially if you trade on multiple marketplaces.

Our v2 integrations now have cool looking dashboards, and easy to use settings. They also allow multiple instances of the same connection, so if you have multiple brands selling through multiple stores through multiple Shopify stores, this is really easy to set up.

Cin7 v2 apps

Fancy right?!

They are available for:

Magento 2.x

Expect to see more of this type of dashboard for our other integrations. The new apps can be added through the App Store, so if you're an administrator you can easily add new apps to your account.

Automatic downloading of orders

As part of the functionality added to our new v2 apps, we’ve added one of our most frequently requested functions - a scheduling system to automate the downloading of orders throughout the day.

To switch it on:

  1. Whilst logged in as an administrator, click on your username, then Settings.
  2. Click on the specific integration under the Integrations menu.
  3. Under the download orders sections check the Auto Schedule box, and select a time for the first download to be made.
  4. Save the settings.

That's pretty much it for set up.

So how does it work? We’ve built the scheduler to be as efficient as possible and works based on the frequency of your customer’s orders. We will check for orders at first every 7 minutes. If no orders are pulled down, we will wait a little longer - 15 minutes - before checking again. If nothing is found, we’ll wait 30 minutes before checking again and so on. At most, we'll check every 2 hours. If an order is downloaded, we’ll wait 7 minutes all over again.

Of course at any point in time you can also manually download orders; this will also start the scheduler off again too.

Currently updating order status and updating stock levels are still manual - but may see their way into the scheduler at some point in the future.