Cin7's New POS is released

Daniel Jordan
Created June 16, 2017

We have been ‘beta’ testing version 3 of the POS for some months now, and it is finally time for the interface to hit the big time!

This post covers the changes that you will see in our POS upgrade, and explains how you can swap to the new version.

Make the POS your own

For your staff members, their daily interaction with the POS is an opportunity to interact with your brand and culture. Our new login page lets you upload custom images, which we hope will really add value to your business.  If your POS is openly displayed in your store it will still look cool when logged out.

Cin7 POS Login Page

You can upload an image from the POS Settings page.

We’ve made several improvements to the interface design of the POS; it now has a clean, modern look.

Cin7 POS v3 logged in

A few changes - the sync button and No Sale button appear at the top. We hope that by moving them up here, it will be more obvious when you are offline.

Returns, Laybys, Quotes, Purchase Orders and more are in the left menu, accessed top left.

POS New Menu

Gift Voucher Redemption

Gift Voucher redemption now appears at the newly revised payment stage - we felt this was a more natural place for it to live.

Payment POS Version 3

This is part of a larger change in the way Gift Vouchers are accounted for.

When you sell a Gift Voucher, you are creating a liability - a payment for something that may or may not be later redeemed against a sale.

When a Gift Voucher is redeemed, you are using this liability to pay for some goods - and this should be reflected in your accounting. In POS v3 your redeemed Gift Vouchers will appear in your Close Register at the end of each day.

This will create a batch - but a special batch! - that will be directed to a liability account of your choosing.

Promotion Codes

We've moved a little-known function into the spotlight with the addition of the Promo Codes button in the payment screen. This allows you to market a promotional code such as BLACKFRIDAYSALE. Entering this code at the POS will discount a dollar amount from the total.

Promotions can be set up to discount a specific dollar value, and the number of redemptions can be limited to fit your budget.

Transitioning to the new POS

We appreciate that transitioning to a new POS platform is no small undertaking when you have multiple stores, either nationally or internationally. Therefore we will continue to support v2 of the POS, and will continue to fix any bugs should they occur.

However, we will only add new features to version 3 of the POS; this means that the older version will not get the benefit of new updates and tweaks, a recent example being customer promotions in the POS.

Therefore we thoroughly recommend you switch over as soon as possible.

The good news is that transitioning to v3 is really easy. From Monday you will be able to switch to the new version in the POS Settings page. This will switch all POS users over to the new version.

POS V3 switch button

If you would like to view the new POS before switching your company over, administrators can do so by simply navigating to - please note that this is not a trial, and will make transactions in your live account.

As you can see from the above, the new POS should look largely familiar to your team and we expect that they will have no trouble adopting the new version.

We're really excited to launch this version of the POS and we look forward to your feedback over the coming days.