New Improvements to the Document Template Editor

Daniel Jordan
Created March 16, 2018

Since the new year we’ve been working hard to implement some changes to our document editor, and I’m pleased to be able to introduce them to you today.

Invoices, Purchases Orders and Delivery Dockets are one of the few ways you present your brand to the world, and if you care about appearances - and in business everyone should care about appearances - it is vitally important that you have great looking documents.

We’ve made some changes that will help you, your implementation partners or designers to design documents that look brilliant and unique.

Configuration Improvements

For making basic changes to Cin7’s default documents, we’ve got a really easy configuration panel, that allows you to check and uncheck fields to design a document that is useful to your customers.

Configuration Panel

We’ve made a few additions to these panels. You can now:

  • Define the number of decimal places numbers should use
  • Hide BOM components
  • Show dynamic or static zones and bins, or both
  • Show Units of Measure in their base unit of measure
  • Upload an alternative logo
  • Insert custom fields into documents
  • Hide, reorder, rename, space out, underline and bold the totals at the bottom of a document

This provides a simple way to make documents work for your business in very little time.

Change History

Making changes to documents can be risky if you are not able to restore old versions, so one of our main priorities was to implement a version history so that you can restore a document at any time.

From release onwards, if you make a change to a document, both the original document and the changes will be saved, so you can always revert back to how everything was previously if needed.

Version History

In the very worst case scenario, you can restore your document back to the template as if it were fresh out of the box, by clicking Reset Template.

Custom Documents

This is the exciting part. Perhaps the default documents aren’t jazzy enough for you, and you want to add a unique element to your design. You can opt to convert your document to a custom document.

This enables you to edit the document with our inline WYSIWYG editor, and if you so choose, define exactly the HTML and CSS. This opens up a whole new world of customisations possible without help from our support team.

Customising Documents

Just like elsewhere in the system, variable fields can be entered by typing the % sign and selecting from the dropdown menu that appears. There is also a list of variables that can be added in the documentation.

Cin7 Typeahead Document Designer

The good news is that if Cin7 Support has customised documents for you in the past, these will be unlocked for editing in custom mode if you attempt to access them. This means if you want to tweak a heading or a colour there is no need to pick up the phone.

Be aware that once a document is saved as a ‘custom’, you are no longer able to use the basic configuration tools. But of course if you don’t like what you’ve done, it’s really simple to revert back to an historic version or indeed the original document.

Creating New Documents and Printing Documents

Finally, we wanted to make sure that you could make and access brand new documents. You’ll see on the list documents page a new option to Create New Document. You can create as many documents as you choose, basing the new document on a pre-existing template. The only requirement is that the document type is unique for each new document, we'll create a unique name for you which you are welcome to overwrite if you like.

Once you've created the new document, you'll need to be able to print it. There are two places you can print documents, on the list page and on the admin page.

Cin7 Print Document Options

In each of the module settings, you'll see a new section called Print Documents. This allows you to add documents to the areas shown in the image above using the settings, shown below.

Cin7 Print Documents Setting

As you may know already, you are able to add documents to email templates as well, so the whole system is completely configurable. Great!

You'll see these changes appear in the system over the course of this week. We are really proud of what we have achieved here, and we hope that it opens up new possibilities for you. As usual we are always happy to hear feedback if there are any features you’d like to suggest. 2018 is the year Cin7 levels up  , and we are stoked to have you here for the journey. Onward!