Our New Order Import is Released

Daniel Jordan
Created October 02, 2017

Today we launch our shiny new Order Import. We’ve been wanting to improve the order import process for a long time now. Our old import was complicated,  time-consuming and laborious. But no more! Order importing has become seriously fast.

On Wednesday I ran a webinar where I explained how it all worked, and it is well worth a look if you import orders regularly. I import about 6 orders in the time it used to take to do one - so that’s a serious speed improvement.

In my webinar I covered importing Sales, Purchases and BOMs, but you can actually import much more; Production Jobs, Credit Notes, Supplier Credit Notes, Supplier Consignments, Quotes. The principles remain largely the same.

The great thing about this import is that it is so easy to use. If you are familiar with importing products and customers, you'll already be familiar with the type of process involved. It's a simple step by step wizard that validates your data first, and then after matching fields imports all the data for you.

Problem-solving has become a lot easier too. You must import orders against existing contacts, and use existing products. However if you have a few rogue contacts or products in your data, a downloadable spreadsheet will be created for you, so you can quickly fix or create any necessary contacts or products. 

Problem-solving improvements come in handy, especially when importing historical data. If you want to import, say, three years' worth of data - you'll need to know where the issues are pretty quickly. We've previously avoided importing historical data for this very reason - it was incredibly painful to do. But now we have given you the tools to create historical data in your system for reporting purposes.

For release, we've included the old import function as deprecated functionality, as we were conscious that some of you have processes set up that use this functionality. If you click on the actions button in any transaction screen you will see this:

Order Import

  • Export Sales Order List - exports the contents of the sales order list page
  • Export Sales Order Details - a new export for extracting all your sales order data
  • Import Sales Orders (Deprecated) - this is the old import/export function
  • Import Sales Orders - this is the new Import function

A similar list will show for each different transaction.

We will remove the old import in two weeks' time  - so if for any reason the new functionality cannot replace the old (though we put in a lot of time and thought to make certain to cover our bases!) please do contact support with your feedback.

We are always keen to hear if anyone has issues with new features, or just a pat on the back would be fine by us too!

All documentation is provided in the answer to this question.