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API v1

Last updated 04/04/2017

API v1 is our most recent API. This article explains where to find documentation and how to create an API connection.


Based on simple REST principles, our API endpoints return data in JSON format for products, pricing, stock information, orders, payments and contacts.

The base address of the API is https://api.cin7.com/api. There are several endpoints at that address, each with its own path.


All API v1 documentation can be found at https://api.cin7.com/api

Setting up a Connection

To set up an API connection:

  1. Whilst logged in to your account, navigate to https://go.cin7.com/cloud/apiSetup/Default.aspx.
  2. Click Add API Connection.
  3. Enter a name for your API connection, and click Save.
  4. The API connection will be added to the connections list in the next page.
    From here you can add permissions, test in a sandbox, remove or reset the connection or connections.