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Updating Company Details

Last updated 23/01/2021

Overview of setting and maintaining Company Details.

Finding the Company Details page

To find the Company Details page:

  1. Login as an Administrator.
  2. Select your user name in the top right, and select Company Details.

Field Explanations

Field/Link Explanation
Change password This link will prompt you to enter an email address, after which an email will be sent to that email address, which will include steps to reset your password.
Statement Click on the statement link to see your current statement, including an option to pay online. This also shows recently paid invoices.
Company Name This is your company name.
Authority Contact First Name The first name of the Authority contact. The Authority contact is the person who can make decisions about your Cin7 account. For the definition of the Authority contact, please see the Cin7 Terms of Use.
Authority Contact Last Name The Last name of the Authority contact.
Authority Contact Email The email address by which Cin7 can contact the Authority account.
Authority Contact Phone The phone number by which Cin7 can contact the Authority account.
Time Zone

The account Time Zone can be changed to match the time zone of the country you operate in.

Changing the Time Zone will mean that the correct time is shown against transactions.

The default time zone is New Zealand Standard Time (NZST).

Culture Changing the Culture will make small adjustments to the system such as spellings, date formats, and currency symbols to as defined by the select culture.
User Allowed IP Addresses

If you want to limit all users so that they can only access the system from a specific location. Enter the IP address or, if multiple addresses, separated by commas.

If you only want to limit certain users, then you can add allowed IP addresses at a user level too. See the Creating New Users Help article for additional information as within the user profile, there is a specific field for allowed IP address(es).

Company Logo

Upload a logo here. Your company logo will be displayed in:

  • Your Cin7 Account (Top left of Cin7, which links back to the dashboard).
  • Documents (In the header of invoices, packing slips, and all other printed Cin7 documents).
  • Emails (In the email footer of all emails sent from Cin7).
  • On your B2B site, once set up.
The logo can also be changed via the Launchpad. For POS receipts, the logo uploaded here can be replaced by a low-resolution image in the Receipt Builder.
Enable Two Factor Authentication

Enable two-factor authentication (TFA) for all your users by selecting this checkbox. To learn more about TFA, see the Two Factor Authentication Help article.


At the very top of this page is a company name that I set up while creating my account. Can this be changed?

Yes, but only by contacting Cin7 Support.  This name, which usually takes the format CompanyNameUS, is the unique name for your account.