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Updating Your Account Details

Last updated 08/06/2017

You can change your personal information in the My Account page. This article explains the available fields.

My Account

Any user can change their details from the My Account page.

To find the My Account page:

  1. Click on your username, top right
  2. Click on My Account

Changing your First or Last Name will change wherever your name appears throughout the system, for instance in the top right of the interface and the POS. The contact details that you change will update on the footer of emails and documents.

Changing the email address will also change your login username - so be careful to change this to an active email address.

Login Events

Clicking on Login Events in the top left corner will give you an overview of all logins to the system using this account, providing you with location, IP Address and more.

Field Explanations

Field Explanation
First Name Your First Name
Last Name Your Last Name
Title Your Job Title
Phone Your Phone Number
Mobile Your Mobile number
Skype Your Skype ID
Email Your email address

Changing your Password

You can also change your password in this screen - covered in more detail in the article Changing Your Password.