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Adding Payment Options

Last updated 23/01/2021

How to define and configure Payment Options for your products.


You can add payment options to your Cin7 account. There are two reasons to do this:

  • Adding payment notes to Sales Orders, Purchases and Credits in Cin7's backend.
  • Taking payments for orders in the B2B site.

There are a number of predefined payment options that you can use, or configure to your needs.

Creating or Changing a Payment Option

To add a payment option:

  1. While logged in as an Administrator, select your username in the top right and then select Settings.
  2. From the Accounts menu, select Payment Options.
  3. Select Change next to a payment option, modify the necessary fields, and switch Active to On.
    To add a new payment option, choose a deactivated payment option and overwrite the information.
  4. Select Update to save any changes.

Field Explanations


Switch off to hide the payment terms completely.


Controls the order that the payment options are sorted in a list, 0 being the top of the list, higher numbers at the bottom.

Payment Option Description

This is a name for the payment option and can be anything you like.

Payment Option Code

This is a specific code for payment options that controls some backend functionality. If creating a new payment option, just duplicate the description from the previous field but make sure it is unique. If you are modifying a current payment option, please leave the Payment Option Code as it is. If you are using a third party payment provider, there are some specific codes to use:

Payment Type Code
WorldPay WorldPay
Authorize.net Authorize.Net
PayPal Credit Card PP
DPS Credit Card DPS


Security settings control who can see these payment methods.

Public Available to customers purchasing from the B2B site without logging in, and to apply to transactions in Cin7's backend.
Wholesale Available to customers logged into the B2B site who have the wholesale price column assigned to them, and to apply to transactions in Cin7's backend.
Secure Only available to apply to transactions in Cin7's backend.
Secure Returns Available in Cin7's backend Credit note functionality.

*If you have set your B2B Security Settings to require log in to purchase or view products, this setting is irrelevant.

Batch Payments

No longer in use; leave it blank.

Batch Member ID

No longer in use; leave it blank.

Email Top Part

This controls the header of emails that are sent out on completion of an order. The box accepts HTML.

A generic entry that simply shows the order type is as follows:

<p>The %%ATT:Orders_100%% reference is: %%ATT:Orders_25%%</p>

For On Account payments, you may wish to enter your bank account details:

<p> Please write a cheque for the amount of %%ATT:Orders_29%%%%ATT:Orders_32%% (%%ATT:Orders_28%%) to:
  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx</p> <p>Please also include the following reference in the envelope with your cheque:
  %%ATT:Orders_25%%</p> <p>And send to:<br />   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<br />   xxxxxxxxxxxx<br />   Auckland<br />   New Zealand</p>

The fields in %% are dynamic fields that populate from the order.