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Creating New Users

Last updated 12/07/2018

Each user of Cin7 must have their own user account - this article explains how to create a user and what permissions to grant them.

Creating New Users

To create a new user:

  1. Log in as an administrator.
  2. Click on your account name in the top right-hand corner and then click Users.
  3. Click Create New User.
  4. Fill out the user details and click Create. Only first name, last name, job title and email are compulsory.

Please note, users will receive an email when they are created that will ask them to create a password.


There are a number of areas where permissions can be set for each user. This is useful if you do not wish your users to see sales in other branches, different price tiers or product costs.


If you'd like your user to view all the branches, set 'Full Access'.

To limit the access, set 'Limited Access'. This will enable you to select an option against each branch. See the table below for an explanation of each option:

Dropdown Option Explanation
*Blank* The user will not be able to see the branch, including stock levels or related transactions
View Stock The user will be able to see stock holdings for all branches, but cannot edit transactions. Please note that users must have at least one branch assigned to 'Edit Transactions' (see below) for this to work.
Edit Transactions The user has full access to this particular branch.

Price Tiers

Like branches, each individual price tier can be switched on or off for each user. To do this, select 'Limited Access', and then choose 'Access' against the price tiers you wish to give the user permission to see.


Finally, you can also specify which modules you wish the user to see. There are some suggested presets, such as 'basic user modules' or 'pos modules only', which will populate the dropdowns for you - but you can customize these yourself too.

As before, choosing *blank* will not give the user access to that module.

If you do grant access, you can choose between Manager, Standard and Read Only access. There are only small differences between each, and they are outlined in the table below.

  Manager Standard Read Only
Sales, Purchases, Production Jobs, Adjustments, Transfers
Edit Transactions Yes Yes No
Enter an Invoice Date for Transactions Yes Yes No
View COGS in Admin Screen Yes No No
Transaction Locking
Update a transaction after two days Yes No No
Update a transaction after 16 days No No No
View Products Yes N/A Yes
View Costs Yes N/A No
Edit a product Yes N/A No
View reports Yes Yes N/A
View hidden reports Yes No N/A

*Unless otherwise specified under Price Tier permissions.


Is it possible to have multiple users log in under one account?

No it is not possible to have concurrent users across multiple devices. If a user attempts to log into another device whilst they are still logged in elsewhere, they will be prompted to log out of the first device.

How am I billed for users?

For more information please see our Your Billing Information page