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Voiding a Transaction

Last updated 23/01/2021

How to Void, or "delete", a transaction.

Voiding a Transaction

Transactions can be voided by selecting the Void button in the top right of the Review screen.

  1. In the Sales Order screen, select Admin.
  2. In the top right of the Admin screen, select Void.

A Sales Order may become locked for changes, in which case deleting will be disabled for all users except the Administrator. See the Locked Transactions Help article for additional information.

Voided transactions are permanently removed from the system after 6 months. Before they are removed, they can be found - and restored if necessary - from the related list page, by changing the Status to "Void".

Alternate Voiding Method

There is an additional way to void a transaction:

  1. Go to the Admin screen of an order
  2. Select Void - Reverse Stock from the Cin7 Status drop-down, top left. 

When stock has been used in another transaction

If you find you are not able to void a transaction such as a Production Job, it is likely the stock has been used in other transactions such a Sales Order. If this is the case, a window will appear indicating the related orders preventing the current transaction from being voided.

It is possible to reverse this by "undispatching" any related Sales Orders, voiding the Purchase Order or Production Job, then re-dispatching your Sales with alternative stock.


Will voiding a transaction in Cin7 delete the transaction from my Accounting Software?

No. Voiding a transaction in Cin7 will not in any way alter transactions imported to your Accounting Software. If you void a transaction from Cin7, you should also delete related transactions from your Accounting Software. This should be done with care and when in doubt, ask your accountant!

How can I view transactions I have voided?

To view transactions that have been voided, from the related transaction list page, change the Status drop-down from "Open or Saved Draft" to "Void".