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Batch Ecommerce Orders Automation

Last updated 11/02/2021

How to leverage an automation bot for batching Ecommerce orders.


The Batch Ecommerce Orders Automation Bot ensures that sales and payments match in your Accounting Software.

Use this bot to set a time each day to automatically batch payments for each payment type for orders from specified ecommerce or marketplace integrations.

This bot eliminates the need to use the manual Batch Payments and Close Register functions in Cin7.

Create a Batch Ecommerce Orders Bot

To create a Batch Ecommerce Orders Bot:

  1. Select Cin7 Automation Bots under Admin in the left navigation pane.
  2. Select Create New Automation Bot.
  3. Scroll down to Accounting & Admin, and select "Batch Ecommerce Orders".
  4. In the Name field, give the Bot a name. This is useful if you are setting up multiple bots.
    The name can be changed at any time in Settings.
  5. Select Create Automation.

The Settings page appears.

Configure the Automation 

Use the Settings page to set the time the automation will run each day, which ecommerce or marketplace channel it will automate, and for which payment types. To do this, on the Settings page:

  1. Under Tags, select the integration(s) to include in the automation.
    This setting is for visualizing the automation workflow in the dashboard.
  2. Select which payment types will be automatically batched:

  3. Under Cut-off Time, set the time the automation will run each day. Select Ignore to exclude a payment type from being batched.
  4. Select a branch if you only want orders from specific branches to be batched.
  5. Enter an email address if you would like a summary of action to be sent to a Cin7 contact.
  6. Under Schedule, set the days, time, and frequency the automation will run automatically. Or select Click on Demand to allow a user to run the automation at will.
  7. Select Save Settings.

Viewing Automation Workflow

Once configured, the Batch Ecommerce Orders Bot workflow can be viewed in the Accounting & Admin tab of the Automation Bots Dashboard.  

The workflow shows when the Automation was run last, when it is scheduled to run next, and configuration settings.

Selecting Preview will show a summary of the results of running the Automation while selecting Run will initiate the Automation Bot.