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Branch Replenishment Automation

Last updated 11/02/2021

How to leverage an automation bot for Branch Replenishment.


The Branch Replenishment automation bot is designed to eliminate the need to manually calculate the quantity of each product which needs to be transferred to your retail stores. 

The automation bot looks at the stock available at each branch, compares it to the Safety stock quantity set per product (per branch) and if the available stock is lower than the safety stock, it will attempt to create a branch transfer from the designated warehouse branch to increase the stock available quantity back to the defined Optimal stock level.

Configuring the Automation

Steps required to set up Branch Replenishment Automation Bot:

  1. Select Automations Bot Module from side menu
  2. Select Create New Automation Bot.
  3. Select Select under Retail Branch Replenishment in the Operations section.
  4. Give the Automation Bot a name if creating multiple versions of the same Automation bot.
  5. Select Create Automation.
  6. Select Mins & Maxs under Replenishment Logic, select the Source branch to be used, and set the Multiply Calculated Qty number if required.
  7. OPTIONAL: Adding Product filters.
    If you want to configure the branch replenishment to either include or exclude specific products, the following filters can be used:
    Product Type
    Product Sub Type
    Project Names

    Select either Includes or Excludes from the dropdown and then search for the option you would like filtered.  Multiple options can be added per filter.
  8. Under the Branches section, select the Retail branches you would like to replenish as part of this Automation Bot. Multiple branches can be replenished at the same time if required.
  9. If there is not sufficient stock at the source branch to fulfill all replenishment requirements for all branches involved in the process, you can set a priority order for the branches so that the higher priority branches will receive a greater quantity of available product and the lower priority will receive a lesser quantity.

    Once the replenishment process has been configured either select it to only run on demand (Will require a user to trigger the process to start) or set a scheduled time based on how frequently the automation will be required to run.

  10. Save the settings

The newly configured automation bot will now show under the Operations section at the top of the dashboard. Selecting the Operations section will show the details of each Automation bot which has been configured, including when it was last run, when it is scheduled to next run as well as details of the configuration settings.

Selecting Preview will show a summary of the results of running the Automation while selecting Run will initiate the Automation Bot.