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Sales Emails Automation

Last updated 11/02/2021

How to leverage the Sales Emails automation bot.


The Sales email automation bot is designed to increase the efficiency of all email communications around sales orders which your workflow requires. Examples include sending your customer an email to confirm order creation or shipping and updating internal teams when an order has been received from certain channels or once it is ready to be picked and dispatched. Cin7 allows you to design and create an email template and then specify what stage and other conditions an order need to meet before the email is automatically sent to the desired recipient.

Configuring the Automation

Steps required to set up Send Sales emails Automation Bot:
  1. Select the Automations Bot module from the left hand navigation.
  2. Select Create New Automation Bot.
  3. Choose Select under the Send Sales Emails in the Sales section.
  4. Give the Automation Bot a name if creating multiple versions of the same Automation bot.
  5. Select Create Automation.
  6. Select the Stage which an order must reach in order to initiate the sending of the sales email.
  7. Select the Branch to include in the automation if you only want orders from specific branches to initiate the email.
  8. Add additional filters:
    To create more specific criteria which an order must meet in order to trigger the email automation, you can use the following order-specific fields:
    ETD – Specify a certain amount of days from or prior to today’s date.
    Payment terms – Select a specific payment term.
    Price Tier – Select a specific price tier.
    Freight Description – Specify text which the freight field must either start with, end with, contain or not contain.
    Delivery State – Specify text which the Delivery State field must either start with, end with, contain or not contain.
    Delivery Country – Specify text which the Delivery Country field must either start with, end with, contain or not contain.

    Select the Cin7 order field you are wanting to filter by, select the condition which must be met, and then select the value (i.e., Price tier – Equals – Retail USD Incl).

    Select AND to add an additional field to the filter; select the X to remove a field from the filter.

  9. Select the Sales order email template to be sent out when the criteria is met.
    Only email templates that have been set up in the Bulk email templates section of the Sales Order Settings will show in the drop-down list. See the Creating a New Email Sales Template Help Article for additional details.

  10. Enter an email address if you would like a summary of actions undertaken to be sent to a Cin7 contact.
    Select the automation option. Choose to run on demand (requires a user to initiate the process to start) or set a scheduled time based on how frequently the automation is to be run.

  11. Save the settings.

The newly configured automation bot will now show under the Sales section at the top of the dashboard.

Selecting the Sales section will show the details of each Automation bot which has been configured, including when it was last run, when it is scheduled to next run, and the details of the configuration settings.

Selecting Preview will show a summary of the results of running the Automation while selecting Run will initiate the Automation Bot.