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Creating a promotion

Last updated 15/06/2021


This article discusses how to create promotional discounts for product categories on B2B Online Stores. Settings are configured in the Promotions module, which can be installed via the Cin7 App Store.

Note: The Promotions module must be installed before creating promotions for your B2B Online Stores. Learn how

  1. Select Promotions under “Admin” in the left navigation pane.
  2. Select Promotions.
  3. Select Create Promotion.

Promotion Name

This is the name customers will see on the B2B Online Store, and on receipts and invoices. 

The name must let customers understand what kind of discount will be applied.

For example, “Get 5% off every 20 items purchased” or “Get $5 off every 20 items purchased”

Discount Type

  1. Select Percentage Discount or Dollar Discount
  2. Select the discount parameters. (eg., for every buy of y units, get x % off; for every buy of y units, get $ x off).
  3. Enter the discount percentage or the discount value.


Enter the quantity of items a customer must purchase or the minimum amount of money a customer must spend in an order for the promotion to apply.

  • There is an option to set a maximum quantity or dollar value.

Date and Time

Enter a Start Date and End Date for the promotion.

  • If the Start Date is blank, the promotion will start when Save is selected.
  • If the End Date is blank, the promotion will run indefinitely.

Applicable Customers

Select All customers, or select customers by price tier or group, or individually. 

Applicable Products


The promotion can be applied to all categories or selected categories.

Additional Category Settings 

By default, a customer must purchase products from a single category to meet a promotion’s threshold.

Select Apply promotion to products in different categories to allow products from different categories to qualify for a promotion.

For example, with this setting, if a promotion is “Buy 2, get 10% off”, and you have a Shirts product category and a Pants product category, then the purchase of a shirt and pair of pants meets the promotion’s threshold--the discount will apply.

Applicable Channels and Branches


This setting allows all or selected B2B stores to be included in a promotion. 

  • If multiple B2B stores exist, selected stores can be excluded from a promotion.

Notes about Promotions

  • The Promotions module must be installed to enable promotions on your B2B Online Stores. Learn how
  • Promotional discounts do not apply to units of measure (UOMs).
  • If multiple promotions apply to a product, the highest discount is applied.
  • For products with different pricing combinations, the discount is applied on the cheapest product.
  • For products with a special price, the higher discount applies. (ie, If the special price is lower than the promotional discount price, the special price applies.)