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Order Settings

Last updated 28/03/2021


Set orders to download to a default branch, with a default stage and approval status. Also,  determine how the Order History is displayed to customers, and how BOMs for downloaded orders are managed in the Sales Order module.

Default Branch 

Orders can be set to automatically download to a selected branch. 

  • Unless a different branch is selected, orders will download to the Main Branch.

Download Orders As

Orders can be set to download as “Draft” or “Approved”.

  • Orders downloaded as “Approved” will automatically update Stock Available or Stock on Hand quantities.

Document Template

A template can be selected for the Order History page in the online store. This determines how customer view their past orders.

  • Selecting an Order type template allows a customer to view an invoice by clicking on Order Ref in the Order History page.
  • If the template is not an Order type template, when your customer clicks Order Ref, an error appears.

Expand BOMs on Order Download

Orders can be set to automatically expand BOMs in the Sales Orders module, allowing for component stock in product bundles to be reduced.

Default 3PL Status 

This setting appears when a Cin7 account is integrated with a 3PL.

Orders can be transferred to a 3PL, based on 3PL integration settings. 

Default Order Stage 

Orders can be set to download at a specific stage, such as “Release to Pick”. 

  • Options depend on the stages set up in a specific Cin7 account.