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Store Details

Last updated 18/05/2022


Store Details in the B2B Online Store Dashboard settings is where a subdomain is created for a store and where logos and banners are uploaded.

Store Name

This name will appear on the B2B online store and in emails sent to customers via Cin7.

Custom Domain

This is the store’s URL. It can be a subdomain of b2b.cin7.com or a subdomain of an existing website. (For example, if “mybrand.com” exists, a “wholesale.mybrand.com” subdomain can be used.)

If using an existing domain, a subdomain must first be set up with a domain provider.

Setting up a b2b.cin7.com subdomain
  • Enter the name followed by b2b.cin7.com (eg., storename.b2b.cin7.com).
  • It is recommended to use the name entered in the “Store Name” field. 
Setting up a subdomain for an existing website
  1. Go to the domain provider’s portal and follow the instructions for creating a subdomain.
  2. Go to Cin7 and enter the subdomain in the Custom Domain field.
  3. Submit a ticket with Cin7 customer support  with the Store Name and subdomain.
    • An SSL certificate is created. You are notified once the certificate is created.

Upload Logo

This sets the logo that will appear on the store and in emails sent to customers via Cin7. Your image name will need to be alphanumeric and have no spaces.

Upload Banner

This sets the image that customers see on the B2B store login page. 

Banner Specs

The banner must be:

  • a .jpg or .png
  • at least 1000 x 1000 pixels
  • The image name needs to be alphanumeric and have no spaces.

The banner may not display in full in all screen sizes. For smaller screens, the center of the image will be displayed (see illustration below).