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Creating a Branch Transfer

Last updated 22/01/2021

How to create a Branch Transfer.


To transfer stock between different branches in Cin7, you will need to create a Branch Transfer. A Branch Transfer removes stock from one branch, and receives it into another.

Creating a Branch Transfer

To move stock from one Branch to another, create a Branch Transfer as follows:

  1. From the left navigation, select Stock, then select Branch Transfers.
  2. Select New Branch Transfers.
  3. In the Branch field, top left, type in the originating branch from which the stock is being transferred.

  4. Select the receiving branch to which you are transferring stock by selecting from the Branch drop-down.

  5. Enter the products to be transferred in the product grid below.
  6. Enter an Approval date if appropriate, then enter a Dispatched Date which will move the stock out of the branch and into holding (see section below for further explanation).

  7. Select Approve to finalize the transfer.

Holding Stock

Once a Branch Transfer has been dispatched, the stock is moved into Holding Stock. This means that the stock cannot be sold whilst in transit. When stock is received by the recipient, the stock moves back out of Holding Stock into the stock of the new branch. There are two ways Holding Stock can be viewed, firstly in the products page the Holding Stock is shown next to the SOH column:

Secondly, in the Stock on Hand and Availability Report stock that is in transit is shown separately from SOH. By dragging the field HoldingGroups into the table, the count in the Holding Groups will be broken down by specific group:

Receiving a Branch Transfer

Once stock has arrived at its destination, the Branch Transfer will need to be completed to increase the stock in the receiving branch. To do this:

  1. From the left Navigation Select Stock then click on Branch Transfers
  2. Find the Branch Transfer that is to be received
  3. Click on the transaction reference to edit the order
  4. Add a Completed/Received date. This moves the stock out of holding and into the new branch.
  5. Click Save Back to List


How do Branch Transfers affect my Accounting Software?

Branch Transfers should not affect your Accounting Software because the value of stock moved from one branch will equal the value of stock received at the receiving branch.

What if stock is lost in transit?

The lost stock will need to be written off by creating a negative adjustment for that stock. To do this, the stock will still need to be receipted in by the receiving branch to bring the stock out of holding, and then immediately adjusted out to account for the loss.

I'm creating a branch transfer in the backend, but it will be received in a retail store. Can the POS be used to receive stock?

Yes. Typically a warehouse will create branch transfers in the back end. When goods are received in-store, staff can use the POS to receive the stock - instructions for this can be found at Branch Transfers in the POS.