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Creating a Branch

Last updated 22/01/2021

How to create branches in CRM, separate from Customers and Suppliers.



Creating a Branch

To Create a Branch:

  1. While logged in as an Administrator, select your username in the top right and then select Settings.
  2. Under the Branches Menu, select Create New Branch.
  3. In the Company Name field, enter the name of the Branch (i.e., Second Warehouse).

    Please do not use special characters *, (, ), ?, $, and %.

  4. Enter the Branch Type.
  5. Fill out any other relevant fields.
  6. Select Save or Back to save the contact.
  7. Log out of Cin7 and then back in to see the new branch appear.

Field Explanations

Most fields are similar to the Customer and Supplier fields. There is more information about those fields here. There are some specific fields that will only appear for Branches, however, and these are explained below.

Field Explanation
Branch Type Required. Select the most appropriate type of Branch from the options detailed below.
- Head Office Transactions from this branch type will not be included in the Retail Reports Dashboard.
- Warehouse Transactions from this branch type will not be included in the Retail Reports Dashboard.
- Retail Branch By selecting Retail Branch, transactions will appear in the Retail Reports Dashboard.
- Consignment If stock that you own is with a customer on consignment, create them as a Consignment branch - see this article for more information.
Alternative GL Account/Cost Centre Select an alternative account if you'd like your transactions from this branch to go to a particular General Ledger account in your Accounting Software.
Branch Locations Enter your static Branch Locations here in the order that you wish them to appear in the Pick N Pack app. Please see Creating Locations within a Branch for more information.



I've created a new branch but can't see it in the Branch list?

Make sure you log out and then back in for any Branch changes to take effect.

Do I need to fill out the address details?

Yes.  The address details populate information on receipts, so it's always a good idea to fill out these details.

How do I delete a branch?

You can't delete Branches if there have been any stock movements recorded against the branch. In that case, you can only make them Inactive; see the Deleting Contacts Help article for additional information.

What are the differences between Branch Types?

In practice, there is little difference between Branch types, other than to organize your branches in an orderly way. The small differences are detailed above in the "Field Explanation" table.