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Static Bin Locations

Last updated 31/03/2020

Static Locations are an easy way to locate your stock within a Branch. This article explains how locations can be applied to products and how they can be used in the system.


Applying Static Locations is the quickest and easiest method to use Locations in Cin7. A maximum of two locations can be applied to each product per branch. This allows pickers to see the two most common locations for a particular product.

The order that these locations appear in the Pick 'n' Pack can be controlled. This can be used to allow pickers to pick products for multiple orders on one route - maximising their productivity.

Allocating products to Static Locations

Products are allocated to Locations using the Stocktake Master module. It may be worth reading about the Stocktake Module first as the process is very similar.

To allocate Locations to products:

  1. From the Left Navigation, click on Stock, then select Stocktake Master
  2. Select the correct Branch from the top left
  3. Set Type to All
  4. Next, Export the data. Tick only Zones & Bins, then press Export Data.
  5. Copy and paste the data in the green box into a spreadsheet
  6. Fill out the Zone and Bins columns in the spreadsheet
  7. Paste all the data from the spreadsheet back into the box in step 3
  8. Click Update Zones and Bins
  9. Click Confirm to apply the new locations to the products

Allocating products to Static Locations using Pick 'n' Pack

Static Locations can be applied to products when receiving items using the Pick 'n' Pack module. First, however, you must define the names of your zones and bins against a branch - please see Creating Locations within a Branch.

To do this:

  1. Make sure you have added locations against each branch. Please see Creating Locations within a Branch for an explanation of that process.
  2. Follow the instructions on Pick n Pack Module to receive products using that module
  3. When receiving a product, you can specify Locations from the dropdown box shown below

Picking products from Static Locations using Pick 'n' Pack

If you are using the Pick n Pack module, locations are displayed when items are due to be packed, as shown in the image below.

The products to be picked for an order (or orders) will appear in the same order as set up against the branch details - see Creating Locations within a Branch.

For more information on how to use the module to pick stock, see Pick n Pack Module.

Static Locations on Documents

Static Locations appear on packing slip documents, provided the Zones and Bins option has been switched on in the document editor.

Please see Updating Document Templates for more information on the Document Template editor.

The Zones and Bins option can be found here:

Checking the option to show zones and bins will cause the items in that document to be sorted by the zones and bins, in the order specified against the branch.

Zones and Bins will appear on the document here:

N.B. that in order for locations to appear in the correct order see Creating Locations within a Branch.


How many static locations can I have per product?

You can have two static locations per product, per branch.