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Return and Exchange

Last updated 04/10/2017

If a customer wants to exchange an item, there are are two different methods you can use, depending on the situation. This article explains the process for each method.

Exchanging items like-for-like

If you are exchanging one item for another, and - importantly - they are of the same value, then you can process this exchange within a Credit Note.

  1. From the left navigation click Sales, then select the Credit Notes module
  2. Click New Credit Note
  3. Enter the customer in the customer details fields
  4. Enter the product you wish to credit and enter a negative quantity. This means stock will be returned into the system.
  5. On a new line enter the product to be exchanged. Enter it on a new line, even if the product is the same as the item to be credited.
  6. Enter a Sales Reference, Completed date, and Credit Note Date
  7. Because no money is due, enter No Payment Required in the Payment Reference grid at the bottom of the screen
  8. Click Approve
  9. Finally, whilst in the Admin screen, because the total of the Credit Note is $0, set the status to Do Not Import for your accounting software

If the item is not being returned to stock, there is an explanation of how process this in Credit Notes.

Exchanging for an item of greater value

If you are exchanging a product or multiple products that have a price that is greater than the product that is being returned, you cannot use a Credit Note.

Instead you will create two transactions, one credit for the returned goods, and a Sales Order for the exchanged items.

This means that any additional amount to be paid by the customer will be correctly recorded as revenue in your accounting software.



How can I do this in the POS?

For information on how to return items in the POS, see the Returns section of our POS category.