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Supplier Credit Notes

Last updated 22/01/2021

How to create a Supplier Credit Note for returning goods to your supplier.

Creating a Supplier Credit Note

If you need to return goods to your supplier, follow the instructions below.

  1. From the left navigation click Purchases then select Supplier Credit Notes.
  2. Select New Supplier Credit Note
  3. Enter the supplier in the supplier details fields
  4. Enter the product you wish to credit
  5. Notice that the stock is negative. This means that stock will be receipted out of the system
  6. Enter Completed Date, Supplier Credit Note Date and Supplier Credit Note No
    The Supplier Credit Note No is the number of the Credit Note you receive from your Supplier

Creating a Supplier Credit Note from an existing Purchase Order

It is also possible to automatically create a credit from an existing Purchase Order.

  1. In the Purchase Orders module, hover over the cog icon of an order you'd like to credit, then click Admin.
  2. Select on Actions, and select Create Credit Note from PO.

  3. In the window that appears enter the quantity of items to be transferred, or alternatively click Select All.

  4. Select Create Credit Note from Selected Products to create a Supplier Credit Note with selected items.

  5. Add a Payment Type to the created Credit Note and then select Approve.

Notice that the Purchase related to the credited items are linked in the Linked Transactions grid at the bottom of the screen.


Does Cin7 apply Supplier Credit Notes to existing transaction in my Accounting Software?

Cin7 cannot apply a Supplier Credit Note automatically against an existing transaction. After you import a Supplier Credit Note, you will need to manually apply it against a chosen supplier invoice. In some cases, that maybe the original invoice if it is still owing or you may choose to apply it against a new supplier invoice.