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Updating Multiple Contacts

Last updated 01/02/2021

How to update multiple contacts.

Updating Multiple Contacts

You can update a contact in the CRM module by selecting the contact name. To update multiple contacts:

  1. Select CRM.
  2. From the Actions menu, select Import Contacts.

You can either upload a .csv file or copy and paste your data from a spreadsheet.

  1. Select Next Steps.
    The columns from your spreadsheet are displayed in the Excel Header row column and the Cin7 columns are displayed in the Cin7 Field column.
  2. Ensure the spreadsheet columns and the Cin7 columns match.
    The Cin7 Field column is highlighted red if a match is not found.
  3. Ensure you have selected all the values in the Cin7 Field.
  4. Select Next Steps.
  5. Select the Download with duplicates marked link if you want to review the list of duplicate contacts.
  6. Select Continue with duplicates removed if you want to remove the duplicate contacts and continue with the import process.
  7. Select Import New Contacts.

A confirmation message is displayed if the import process completes successfully.