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CRM Overview

Last updated 01/02/2021

Overview of the key parts of the CRM module including Customers, Suppliers, and Branches.


The CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, module is a repository for all your customers, suppliers and branches.

For information on how to create a contact, and an explanation of the fields, see the Creating Customers and Suppliers Help article.

To import contacts in bulk, see the CRM Template and Importing Contacts Help articles for additional information.

Field Key

1. Filters
Keyword Search by company name, first or last name, phone number or email address.
Created Set a start and end date to filter contacts by when they were created.
Last Modified Set a start and end date to filter contacts based on when they were last modified.
Callback Set a start and end date to filter contacts based on a callback date.
2. Additional Filters
Custom Filters Filter active or inactive customers. Also filter those contacts that received errors when importing into your Accounting Software.
Search Notes Filter contacts based on what was entered into the "Notes" field of a contact.
Contact Type Filter on customers, suppliers, or branches.
Customer Group Filter based on customer group, allocated under the "Classification" section of the CRM.
3. Stage Filters
Stages Cin7 gives you the option to filter contacts based on a "Stage". See the CRM Stages Help article for additional information.
4. Actions
Export Contacts Exports the list page into a .csv file.
Merge Contacts If two contacts are ticked, this function merges the two contacts.
Import Contacts This wizard takes you through the import process; see the Importing Contacts Help article for additional information
Bulk Update contacts

Update contacts in bulk using a .csv file.

5. Columns
ID Cin7's unique ID for each contact. This cannot be modified
Status Either "Active" or "Inactive".
Type "Customer", "Supplier", or "Branch".
Price Tier The price or cost column that has been assigned to the contact.
Company The contact's company name.
Name The first name and last name of a contact.
Phone The phone number of the contact.
Email The email address of the contact.
QBO/Xero Shows if the contact has been imported into your Accounting Software.
Notes Displays the "Quick Notes" field. Hovering over the speech bubble will display the full notes.