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Exporting Contacts

Last updated 18/02/2021

How to choose fields and export contacts from the CRM.


The Contact Export feature will export all of your contact data into a .csv file for use with spreadsheets.

There are currently separate processes for Importing and Updating contacts; see the following Help articles for additional information:

Exporting Contacts from the CRM

  1. From the left navigation, select CRM.
  2. Select Actions, then Export Contacts.
    To access the Actions button you must have Manager level permissions for the CRM module (see User Permisions for more information).
  3. Select the Type of contacts to export.
  4. Select the fields to export by choosing one or more checkboxes.
  5. Select Export.
    Your data will be downloaded as a spreadsheet

For secondary contacts, the Primary Company field will be populated with the Company name of the parent contact.

For contacts which are billed to a parent company, the Billing Company field will be populated with the Company name of the billing contact.

More information on these concepts can be found in the Secondary Contacts and Central Billing Help article.

Note:  The Pricing Option field from the export cannot be used in the Bulk Update function.


How do I open a .csv file?

A .csv file will open in spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or Apple Numbers.

Why does opening the .csv file in Microsoft Excel remove some of the leading zeros from my phone numbers?

This occurs when you open the .csv file directly in Microsoft Excel instead of importing it. See the Solving some Common Excel Problems Help article for additional information.