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CRM Reference

Last updated 01/06/2018

This article details each field in the CRM module and explains what they can be used for.

Field Explanations

Fields marked with * need to be switched on from the settings page.
Contact Details
Company Required (if First Name is blank). Company name of contact.
First Name Required (if Company is blank). First Name of contact.
Last Name Last name of contact.
Job Title Job Title of contact.
Active Making a contact Inactive (i.e. Active = Off) hides the contact from the list.
Contact Type Either Customer, Supplier or Internal.
Pricing Options These relate to the price options set up in the Launchpad i.e. wholesale, retail etc.
Mobile Mobile Number of contact.
Phone Phone number of contact.
Fax Fax number of contact.
Website Website of contact.
Email Email of contact.
QBO/Xero Status This field displays if your contact has been imported into your Accounting Software.
QBO/Xero Errors If the contact received any errors on import, they will display here.
Payment Terms Assign a particular payment term to a contact here. More information here.
Alternative GL Account Assign an Alternative GL Account to a contact here. More information here.
Tax Status Assign an Alternative Tax Rate to a contact here. More information here.
Tax Number This is the contacts Tax Number - provided for reference only.
Credit Limit Enter a Credit Limit if you'd like the system to warn you if the customer crosses their limit.
Balance Owing This field will update automatically if the customer has been imported into your Accounting Software.
Put on Hold Putting a customer on hold will create a warning in the Sales Order module if the customer is selected.
Bill To For more information on Centralised Billing, read this article.
Billing Company If the Company Bills under a different name to the company name.
Accounts First Name First name of accounts contact.
Accounts Last Name Last name of accounts contact.
Phone Phone of accounts contact.
Email Email address of accounts contact.
Delivery Address For a customer, the address goods are to be delivered to. For a Supplier - the physical address of the company.
Billing Address The address to be invoiced
Promotional Matrix*
Promotional Matrix* If there are customer specific promotions, enter them here. More information here.
Callback Date* Set a date to call back the contact. You can filter the CRM list using this field if required.
Callback Time* Set a time to call back the contact.
Quick Notes* A small notes field.
Notes Extended notes. Click 'Add Timestamp' to automatically add Date, Time and Username.
Group Create customer groups to improve reporting. Groups can be created in settings.
Sub Group Add additional sub-groups for further reporting.
Stages Add different Stages to filter the CRM List page.
Assigned User Assign a contact to a particular customer - useful for filtering the CRM List Page.
Default Branch Assign a specific branch for the customer, so when a Sale is made, the branch automatically changes.
Templates If you have any Template emails for CRM contacts, they will appear here
Secondary Contacts
Add Contact For more information on how Secondary Contact work, click here.
B2B Website Options*
Password* This is the password the customer is required to use to log in to the B2B website.
Assigned Product Codes* If you want to highlight particular products for the customer, add the codes in here separated by a comma.
Login As Customer* A quick way to log in to the B2B Website as the customer.