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CRM Settings

Last updated 01/02/2021

Available configuration options for the CRM module.

Finding the Settings

The CRM settings are located in the general Settings page. To find them:

  1. While logged in as an Administrator, select your username in the top right and then select Settings.
  2. Under the CRM menu, select CRM Settings.

General Settings

CRM Version

If you are not using the latest version of the CRM, you can switch it on here by changing the dropdown to "Version 2".

Show B2B Website Options

Enables additional fields that relate to the B2B site. See the Creating a Customer or Supplier Help article for more information.

Show Advanced Promotional Matrix

Enables the Promotional Matrix fields for CRM contacts. See the Promotional Matrix Help article for more information.

Show Call Back Dates

Enables Call Back Dates. With this setting enabled, a date can be set against a CRM contact for when a call back is required. The CRM list page can then be filtered to show any contacts with a call back date within the selected range.

Additional Search Fields

Here you can add additional text search boxes for certain fields in the CRM. For example, adding "Country" will allow you to search for "Australia" and see all relevant contacts.

  • Customer Group
  • Country
  • Price Column

Show Additional Columns in the list

Use this setting to add additional information into the Contact list.

The following fields can be added to the CRM List:

  • State
  • Country

Show Additional Fields in the CRM

These settings will add in additional fields within the CRM.

  • Account Number - Useful for entering your contact's BAS or VAT number.
  • Store Number - If you need to number your stores.
  • Percentage Off Price Tier - A field that will remove a certain percentage off the allocated price tier for that contact.
  • Mailing List status - Displays Subscribed/Unsubscribed
  • Freight service - Select a default Freight option to be applied to each contact
  • Legal Name - Field to store additional details if a customer has a different Legal and Trading name.
  • Any other custom fields you have created.

Read Only Fields for Standard Users

You can make a number of fields in the CRM read-only for Standard Users. This includes:

  • Balance Owing
  • Xero Errors Billing Company
  • Promotional Matrix
  • Payment Terms
  • Accounts First Name
  • Company Alt GL Account
  • Accounts Last Name
  • Price Column
  • Tax Status
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Contact Type
  • Tax Number
  • QBO/Xero Status
  • Credit Limit
  • Bill To
  • On Hold

To control which users have standard and manager access, see the Creating New Users Help article. It is possible to choose between "Manager" and "Standard" on a module-by-module basis.