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Label Printing

Last updated 23/01/2021

How to print labels and troubleshoot common issues.

Finding the Label Printer

There are two ways to print labels. You can print a label for each product, or print all the labels for products in a Purchase Order.

Print Label Screen

Once you have navigated to the label printing page, you are able to customize the label before printing it. In the Label screen, in the top half of the screen, are the various settings.

At (1) you can change the size of the label depending on your label printer. For more information on the supported label printers, review the Recommended Label Printers.

At (2) you can choose which information you would like showing on your label.

At (3) you can change whether the barcode "lines" are created using the Code or the Barcode number.

At (4) you can insert blanks into your layouts if you need to print to specific Avery labels on a page that has been partially used. You can also print multiples of your labels if need be by entering a number into the copies field.

At (5) you can print any barcodes using a spreadsheet to upload the data.

At (6) there is a preview of what the label will look like when printed.

Printing Labels

When you click print, the labels will be sent to Google Chrome's print dialogue. What appears in the preview may not necessarily match what is in Cin7 - yet. The trick here is to make the paper size and orientation align with what is being sent. If Cin7 is sending a label that is a certain width, but the page size is a different width, the label will not print correctly.

You may have to adjust various elements with the printer, such as width, size, borders and dithering before you get a clear label.

Each label printer requires slightly different settings; see the Dymo LabelWriter 450 and Zebra LP 2824 Plus Help articles for definitive settings for each label printer.

General Label Advice

Creating barcodes that are a good length and are readable by a scanner is the ultimate goal of printing a label. There are a few things you can do to optimize labels to this end.

Barcode lines can often become unreadable if your Product Codes are very long, or include characters such as [ . - / * ]. In these cases, it is advisable to make use of the Barcode field in Cin7. Ideally these would be numerical codes with a length between 6 - 14 characters.

If using the Barcode field you may also like to select "Show Style Code" to include a code next to the product name.

Cin7 can generate barcodes automatically for new fashion products that have a size range. Alternatively you can bulk update your products and generate barcodes in Microsoft Excel.


Printing labels from unsupported label printers is possible, but not recommended. If you are having issues printing from an unsupported label printer, review the following questions for additional support:

When I press print, no preview comes up in the browser dialog.

This usually means Chrome's print dialog is trying to generate the wrong size label. Make sure you change your Paper Size and Margins selections to User Defined and None. If this does not help, you may need to make the paper size smaller in your preferences.

When my label prints, the barcode is blurry.

The barcode lines are an image file; when scaled incorrectly they can sometimes become blurry. Finding the right match between paper size and label setting in Cin7 should resolve this issue. This is usually caused by the paper size width being too small. Try increasing it if there is space available; as well, try using "Continuous Wide" instead of "Continuous Standard".

I scan the barcode with my scanner but nothing happens in Cin7.

First, you'll need to find out if the barcode scanner is working at all. Try opening Notepad or TextEdit, then scanning a barcode that you know works. If the scanner is working, the code should appear on screen. If it doesn't, you should contact your scanner manufacturer for information on how to configure the scanner.

I scan a barcode but a product does not appear in Cin7.

Is the barcode that you've printed correct? To find out, open Notepad or TextEdit, then scan the barcode. Compare the result to what is entered in Cin7. If the number printed to the screen are missing characters, it is possible that the printable area was not wide enough and therefore lines may have been cut off.

Scanning a barcode brings up multiple products.

Check to make sure you do not have duplicate barcodes in your products module. If your barcodes are variable in length, ensure that no barcode number is included in another longer barcode number. For example, barcode number 1234 will also return search results for 512345.