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Promotions in Legacy Online B2B Site

Last updated 14/04/2021

Promotions can be used to provide certain customers with discounts or offers.

Promotional Matrix

The promotional matrix can be used to give promotions to:

  • All customers.
  • Groups of customers.
  • Specific products.
  • Categories of products.
  • Many variations of the above.

The promotional matrix, and how to use it, is explained in more detail in the article Promotional Matrix.

Special Price

The Special Price tier can be applied to products in the B2B to provide 'flash' sales on certain products.

Typically the price tier will only apply to prices in the retail price tier, however this can be extended to wholesale tiers too - particularly useful for the B2B site.

To apply the Special Price to Wholesale tier:

  1. Whilst logged in as an Administrator click on your username, top right, then click Settings.
  2. Under the Setup menu, click Update Price and Cost Tiers.
  3. Find the appropriate price tier and tick Compare to Special Price.
  4. Click Confirm Price and Cost Tiers.
  5. Click Confirm to save these settings.

For a Special Price to appear for a customer, they must be allocated a price tier that is compared to the Special Price tier.