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Editing the Order Confirmation Email

Last updated 09/10/2017

Configure the emails that are sent out to your customers by the B2B site.


When a customer places an order they will be emailed with a confirmation, detailing the information they have provided and the products that they have bought.

You can configure what appears in the confirmation email here.

Editing the Email

To edit the email:

  1. Whilst logged in as an Administrator click on your username, top right, then click Settings.
  2. From the B2B Online Ordering menu, click on Emails.
  3. Each email template is shown in this screen. Find the Order Confirmation template and click Change.
  4. Use the editor to change the Subject and Body of the email.
  5. To save your changes, click Update at the bottom of the screen.

Understanding the Email editor

The email editor that you see is a WYSIWYG editor - i.e. you can format changes directly in the editor without having to write code. Feel free to add any additional content in the email that you would like to include, including logos.

If you prefer to edit directly in HTML, you can click the angle brackets icon to see the HTML behind the rich text.

Within the email you will see some placeholder fields that look like this:


These represent special fields that are drawn dynamically from each unique order. We recommend that you do not change these if possible.


I have overwritten the template - can I get it back?

If you make any mistakes or want to restore the original template, just get in touch with the Support team who will be able to restore the template for you.