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Security Settings

Last updated 08/03/2022

Configure who can see your B2B site with these security settings.


Cin7's B2B Security Settings are an essential part of your B2B site - it's more than likely you'll want to hide your wholesale prices - maybe even your products - for viewing by the general public.

Finding the Settings

To find the settings:

  1. Whilst logged in as an Administrator click on your username, top right, then click Settings.
  2. Click on Legacy B2B then select Security Options.

Once you have changed the settings to your liking, remember to click Save.

Settings Explanations

Product View Security

Choose one option to determine the amount of information a Registered or Public visitor to your website can view. The options are listed in order from broadest to most limited access:

Public Can View Products and Pricing Allows all visitors to view entire site and pricing.
Public Can View Products but Login to View Pricing Allows visitors to view Products and Categories pages but requires a Login Account to view Pricing.
Login To View Products Allows all visitors to see Categories but requires a Login Account to view Products and Pricing.
Login To View Products and Categories Allows visitors to see public facing pages, such as Company History, Contact Us, or Terms and Conditions pages, but require an Account to see Products, Categories and Pricing.
Login to Enter Entire Website Bars all visitors without an Account from the website.

Product Buying Security

Choose one of the following to determine if a visitor must have a Login Account to make a purchase on the website. These options may be superseded by the setting above.

Public Can Buy Without Login Allows anyone to buy from the site.
Must Login to Buy Requires a login to buy.

Creating Accounts

Choose one of the following to decide if Public visitors can register for an Account to login to the B2B Website.

Public Can Register and Create Accounts Public registration automatically creates a contact in the Cin7 Module.
Accounts Can Only be Created By Staff Your staff will create contacts and then email that contact login details.

Stock Indicator Display Option

Choose how you represent stock levels on your site.

Show Stock Available Indicators and Next Incoming Date
Show Stock Available Indicators Only
Show Actual Stock Available Figures and Next Incoming Date
Show Actual Stock Available Figures Only
Do Not Show Any Stock Available Indicators

Stock Figures will show the actual number of items available i.e. '15'. Stock Indicators hides that actual number, but instead shows an indicator with the following thresholds:

Items Available Indicator
0 Out of Stock (ETD of new stock will appear if there is stock incoming)
1 - 3 1/2/3 Left in Stock
4-10 Low Stock
>10 Available

For this to work, products must be set to Limited Stock in the products page.

Pre-order Ordering Option

This option is only applicable to a small number of legacy Cin7 implementations. Select Disable.

Show Products Only If Price Exists

Use this option to display all products in your inventory, or only products with pricing specified for B2B customers. This option could be used to only show specific products for groups of customers - see Hiding Products from Specific Customers.

Show Stock For The Following Branches

Use this option to select the Branches where you hold inventory that you intend to sell to B2B customers online. This can be your Head Office, Warehouse(s), Retail Branch(es) or any combination of these.


Can you specify which branch B2B orders are downloaded into?

No, all orders are downloaded to the Main Branch - but you can manually assign them to another branch if necessary.