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Legacy Online B2B Dashboard

Last updated 14/04/2021

Outline of the B2B dashboard.


The B2B dashboard contains a collection of tiles that display useful information and provide links to key actions such as Web Central Content Manager. There is also a link to the Security Settings menu for Admin Users on the top right of the dashboard.

If you do not have the B2B Dashboard module you can add this via the App Store under the Cin7 Apps category.


Web Central

Web Central module for managing your B2B page content.


This link will take you to the B2B main category on our Help site.


For Admin users only, Security Settings for your B2B.

Dashboard Tiles

Order Activity

Displays a graph of the number of recent orders by month.

Order Status

Displays the number of orders downloaded today and in the last seven days.

Stock Activity

Highlights popular products that are low in stock and may need to be reordered. Clicking the title will display a full list of popular low stock products.

Member Activity

Display the number of individual customers who have placed orders today and in the last seven days.