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Legacy Online B2B Overview

Last updated 14/04/2021

Get started building an online B2B sales channel.


The B2B Portal is an online ordering channel for your existing customers to log in, view stock and place orders.

It provides the benefits of a public-facing eCommerce website for your wholesale customers, in a secure and configurable environment. Implementing the B2B site will reduce the time spent making sales via email or telephone, and is available 24/7.

Cin7's B2B is integrated directly into the Cin7 ecosystem - orders made through the B2B are created directly into your Sales Order module.

Setup Overview

There are several steps to setting up the B2B site.

Adding the module to your account is simple, and outlined in the article Adding the B2B module to your Account.

First you will configure the site itself, including mapping domain names, customising email templates, setting the site security and creating contact pages. Each step is detailed in Configuring your B2B Site.

Next you will configure your products, to ensure the correct products are displayed, with the correct details.

Finally you will configure your customers to give them access to the B2B site.

Once everything has been set up, using the B2B site on a day to day basis is documented in Administration.


Can the B2B site be used for B2C sales?

We've built and designed the B2B site for wholesale sales in particular, so you may find some of the B2C functionality you would expect missing from it. However we have a number of eCommerce integrations available so you can quickly and economically get set up with a B2C platform.