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Automate Your MOTO Channels

Last updated 01/03/2018


 Cin7’s Payment Portal gives you the flexibility to easily manage mail-order, telephone-order (MOTO) channels. It gives you the workflow automation you need to significantly reduce your operational costs, and it moves you toward PCI compliance, the industry standard for securely handling credit card data.

The Need for MOTO Credit Card Processing

Despite the constant growth of B2B eCommerce and online payment solutions, some of the business you serve to prefer making payments over phone/mail. And why do they prefer to do MOTO over B2B e-commerce? Convenience and Habit.

We offer secure, MOTO payment processing, to help you increase customer satisfaction and capture more sales. Ultimately, it’s about giving your customers choice.

Cin7 and the MOTO Journey

Cin7 gives you the option to manage payments on orders you receive by phone, fax, email or postal service. In a typical scenario, a sales representative takes a customer’s details and creates a sales order in Cin7, then processes payment on behalf of the customer by clicking the Pay Now button.

Cin7 redirects the rep to our PCI-compliant, SSL-protected Payment Portal to process the credit card payment. Whether you collect based on customer-specific payment terms or prefer collecting in full payments, Cin7 has you covered.

Your sales rep never leaves Cin7 while processing the payment .That means you no longer have to share your Payment Gateway credentials with your sales staff to process MOTO Payments. Safe & Secure!

Once you receive a payment:

  • Cin7 emails a receipt to your customer and to internal staff. You control who in your organization receives these receipts (ie, accounts receivable) so they can work on the next step in the process.
  • Cin7 marks sales orders as paid and stores your payment transaction ID in the sales order
  • You can import payments to Xero, making it super easy for your accounts team to reconcile payments.
  • You can determine the stage to which orders should be moved once an invoice is paid. Set the order to proceed to build, ship, or dropship, according to your business model.

A Word of Caution - PCI Compliance

Risk-mitigating technologies that reduce fraud in face-to-face and e-commerce environments have shifted credit card fraud schemes to the MOTO space. To combat credit card fraud, the PCI Security Standards Council requires organizations to take appropriate measures to protect cardholder data that they collect, store and retain.

Bearing that in mind, we believe that emailing sales orders and invoices with a Pay Now button is the most convenient and secure way for MOTO customers to pay. By emailing the invoice, you allow your customers to make a deposit or full payment at their convenience.

Your customers have the flexibility to 

  • Pay immediately by clicking the Pay Now button in the email
  • Save a digital copy of their invoice and pay later by clicking on the Pay Now button in the PDF version of the invoice
  • Print a hard copy of the invoice, and pay later by following the instructions on the printed invoice

The icing on the cake for you is that you can insert a customized banner to market your products and special offers to your customers, resulting in increased sales.