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Setting up Cin7's Payment Portal for Quotes

This article explains how to set up the Payment Portal for use with Quotes.


Cin7's Payment Portal allows your customers to accept quotes and make payments, via a number of different credit card payment gateways.

When you email a customer a quote, the email will include a button that allows your customer to accept the quote and pay the total or a deposit for the quote.

Cin7 will then automatically convert or copy the quote to a sales order and record the payments against the sales order.

There are two main steps for setting up the Payment Portal for Quote Acceptance are:

  • Connecting a Payment Gateway
  • Inserting an 'Accept' button into the Quote Email Template

Connecting a Payment Gateway

To be able to accept payments, you must first set up a payment gateway. These are third-party services that will process payments on your behalf. Our payment portal works best with Stripe. But we can accommodate other gateways as well.

To connect a Payment Gateway to Cin7's payment portal, please refer the following articles

Setup Payment Portal Now


Adding an 'Accept Now' button to an email

Next, add in a "Accept Now" button to the Quote email template. This button will create a unique link within the email you send to customers that will allow them to accept and pay for their quote.

  1. Whilst logged in as an administrator, click on your username, top right and click on Settings.
  2. From the Setup menu, click on Payment Portal Configuration.
  3. From the Add Payment Button tab, click on Add Accept Now Button. This will redirect you to the Quote Email Templates.
  4. Click on Design against the Email Template that you wish to use when emailing the quote.
  5. Place the Accept button anywhere in the Email Template by clicking on Add Accept Button
  6. Save the Email Template.

Customize your Payment Portal

Next, you can configure custom settings for your Payment Portal.

  1. Whilst logged in as an administrator, click on your username, top right and click on Settings.
  2. From the Setup menu, click on Payment Portal Configuration.
  3. Select the Custom Settings Tab

You can:

  • Select who in your organization receives Payment Receipts
  • Specify if acceptance of a Quote will:
    • Copy Quote to a Sales Order i.e., a new Sales Order will be created and the Quote will continue to exist in the system.
    • Convert Quote to a Sales Order i.e, the Quote will be converted to a Sales Order with the same Reference ID.
  • Determine which stage the Sales Order should be set to once a Quote is Accepted
  • Determine if the Sales Order created from the acceptance of a Quote should be auto-populated with an Invoice Date and Number

Testing the Payment Portal

Before you start sending out invoices with the "Pay Now" button, we suggest that you try making a test transaction.

  1. Create a Quote 
  2. Email the quote to your test email address, making sure to choose the Email Template with the Accept Now Button
  3. Click on the Accept Now link in your email
  4. Choose the amount that you wish to pay
  5. Make a payment with your Credit Card
  6. Sit back and wait for the Payment Success Screen

Charges for Test Transactions

Cin7 Transaction fees will not be charged on test payments with a value of less than 4 in the following currencies - USD, NZD, AUD, CAD, GBP, EUR.

Standard Cin7 transaction fees of 0.35%+ 29¢ will apply for all other transactions.


Using your Payment Portal for Quotes

Now that the Payment Portal is set up, create a quote by following the steps mentioned in Creating a Quote.

Email the quote to the customer, making sure to choose the Email Template with the Accept Now Button.

When your customer clicks the link within the email they will be directed to the Payment Portal.

They will be provided with the option to:

  • Accept on Account
  • Accept and Pay Now

If the customer chooses to accept on account, they will be redirected to the Confirmation Screen and the Quote will be converted or copied to a Sales Order as specified in the Custom Settings.

On the contrary, if the customer decides to make a payment, they have the option to choose the amount that they wish to pay.The standard options are Full Payment and Other. If you have included Payment Terms with a deposit for the Quote, your customer will see a third option - to pay the deposit.

Once your customer clicks on Continue, they are taken to a secure screen where they can enter their Credit Card Details and make the payment.

This takes your customer to the Payment Confirmation Screen. This step triggers the following emails:

  • Payment Confirmation to your customer, and
  • Payment Receipt to the recipients mentioned in the Custom Settings.

Additionally, the Quote is automatically converted or copied to a Sales Order and payment details are recorded against the Sales Order.

Special Cases handled by Cin7

Cin7’s Payment Portal can seamlessly handle the following scenarios:

  • The quote has been accepted but not fully paid
  • The quote has already been paid for by the customer
  • The quote has already expired
  • The quote doesn’t exist because it was voided

In the first scenario, the Payment Portal will automatically redirect the customer to the Invoice when they click on the Accept Now button.

In the last two scenarios, an email is automatically triggered to the email address specified in the Custom Settings.