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Setting up Cin7's Payment Portal with the B2B Portal

Last updated 23/02/2022

Cin7's Payment Portal allows you to accept credit cards for immediate payment from your customers at the time of checkout from the B2B Portal.


Cin7's Payment Portal allows you to accept immediate payments from your customers at the time of checkout from the B2B Portal.

When your customer chooses the appropriate Payment Method when checking out from your Cin7 B2B Website, they are redirected to the payment portal which allows them to pay the total, or a deposit, of the order.

There are two main steps for setting up the Payment Portal:

  • Connecting a Payment Gateway
  • Integrating to the B2B Checkout page

Connecting a Payment Gateway

To be able to accept payments, you must first set up a payment gateway. These are third-party services that will process payments on your behalf. 

The Cin7 Payment Portal works best with Stripe but other options are available. 

To connect a Payment Gateway to Cin7's payment portal, see the following Help articles for additional information:


Setup Payment Portal Now

Integrating to the B2B Checkout page

The payment portal supports payment from the B2B Checkout Page. 

Setup and Configuration

  1. While logged in as an Administrator, select your username in the top right and then select Settings.
  2. From the Setup menu, select Payment Portal Configuration.
  3. From the B2B Settings tab, select Use Payment Portal for your B2B Website Sales.
  4. By default, this will deactivate your legacy B2B payment options and replace it with the Credit Card Online payment option.
    This is a recommended best practice.
  5. Save changes by selecting Update.

Testing the Payment Portal - B2B Integration

Before you go live with the integration, a test transaction is recommended. To make a test transaction:

  1. Create a Sale using the B2B Portal as usual.
  2. Select Credit Card Online at the time of Checkout.
  3. Choose the amount that you wish to pay.
  4. Make a payment with your Credit Card.
  5. Wait to be redirected to the B2B Portal with an Order Confirmation.
  6. Login to the Cin7 backend SO Module and make sure that the payment is recorded against the B2B Sales Order.

Charges for Test Transactions

Cin7 Transaction fees will not be charged on test payments with a value of less than 4 in the following currencies: USD, NZD, AUD, CAD, GBP, EUR.

Standard Cin7 transaction fees of 0.35%+ 29¢ will apply for all other transactions.