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Pick 'n' Pack Settings

Last updated 27/01/2021

How to configure the Pick 'n' Pack Settings.


To find the settings:

  1. While logged in as an Administrator, select your username in the top right and then select Settings.
  2. From the Stock Management menu, select Pick 'n' Pack Stock Server Details.
  3. Once all changes have been made, select Save.
Server Details

App ID

This is the unique code that matches the Pick 'n' Pack module to your Cin7 account.

App Key

The password to set up the Pick 'n' Pack module. We recommend changing this upon first setup.

Local Search Filters

Sales Cut-Off Time

Orders after this time will not be downloaded until the next day.

Show Order Stage Filter

Turns on or off a field allowing filtering of orders by stage in the Pick 'n' Pack.

Sales Orders


To allow all orders to be downloaded select "All Open Sales Orders".

To only download sales orders at a certain stage, select '"Selected Orders" and then check the appropriate stages from the list that appears.

Partially Picked Stage

This controls the stage that is applied when an order is only partially picked in the Pick 'n' Pack.

Fully Picked Stage

This controls the stage that is applied after an order has been fully picked in the Pick 'n' Pack.

Scanning Shipping Cartons

To set the requirement for Shipping carton details to be entered, for either just EDI orders or for all orders.

Scanning Products for Standard Users

Select between options for whether standard users can manually enter in picked quantities or if they need to scan each product to avoid pick mistakes. Options are

  • Optional, Can Manually update picked quantities (Default)
  • 1 item of each product must be scanned
  • All items must be scanned.

Print documents

Select which document template is generated for printing from the Pick n Pack.  Settings for creating and customizing document templates can be found here.

Order Types

Select which order types are to be imported to Pick n Pack