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Dispatching Orders Using the Pick 'n' Pack

Last updated 27/01/2021

How to dispatch orders using the Pick 'n' Pack.


The Pick 'n' Pack is typically used in a warehouse setting, where users will pick items with a tablet and scanner to quickly dispatch one or multiple orders. The app is made up of two main pages: The "Orders" page, and the "Pick" page.

If you have not already set up the app, see the Setting Up the Pick 'n' Pack Help article for additional details.

Order dispatchment is done in three stages:

  1. Selecting the orders you would like to pick from the Orders page, either a single order or multiple orders.
  2. Picking the items in the selected orders from the Pick Page.
  3. Completing the orders.

The Pick 'n' Pack guides you through these stages by displaying the next step in the middle of the screen, above the tabs, at all times.

Dispatching Orders

Before beginning, ensure that you have done the following things:

  • Select the correct branch from the top right of the screen.
  • Select Sync to make sure everything is up to date.
  • Make sure the Type dropdown is set to Orders.

Above the tabs, in the middle of the page, you will see instructional messages that will guide you through the dispatch process.

Selecting Orders to Pick

To select a single order to pick:

  1. Set the Picking dropdown to One Order At A Time.
  2. From the Open tab, select the checkbox beside an order you would like to pick.
  3. Proceed to picking the items.

To select multiple orders to pick:

  1. Set the Picking dropdown to Multiple Orders.
  2. From the Open tab, select the checkbox beside two or more orders that you would like to pick.
  3. Select View Products to Pick and proceed to picking the items.
  4. Proceed to picking the items.
Picking Items

Items can be picked by either scanning them with a barcode scanner or manually entering the quantity as you go.

Clicking on the product will cause a window to popup where you can manually enter the quantity picked. Manual entry also allows you to click All to enter the entire quantity in a single click.

To pick items:

  1. Locate a product.
  2. Scan each item, or manually enter the quantity you have picked.
  3. Repeat for each product in the order(s).
  4. Once you have picked all of the items, proceed to Completing Orders.
Clicking on a product will reveal any recent location information to make locating the items easier; see the Static Bin Locations article for additional details.
Completing Orders

After picking has been completed, select Back to Orders List.

Click on each order and update its tracking code to complete the order.


There are several filters that can be used to refine the orders that appear in your app.

Orders Page


The type of transactions to display.


Picking a single order or multiple orders simultaneously.


Display orders based on the time that the order was made.


Stock Available To Partially Complete Order Orders where only some items from an order can be picked.
Stock Available To Complete Order All stock is available for items ordered.
Orders With Stock Received In Last 48 hours Orders which have items which have been received within the last 48Hours from a purchase order. This is good for seasonal orders.


Search a specific order by its reference number.

Pick Page


Automatically open the manual entry popup window for large quantities of items. This enables you to select All for large quantity orders, eliminating the need to scan many individual items.


What is your recommended hardware?

Cin7 works well with any tablet and Bluetooth scanner solution that can run Google Chrome. However, please ensure that you have tested the set-up before committing to a purchase, as some tablets and Bluetooth scanners may not be compatible with Cin7.