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Creating a Bill of Materials (BOM)

Last updated 08/11/2017

A Bill of Materials (BOM) is a list of components required to manufacture a finished product. This article explains how to create a BOM.


A BOM is a list of components or list of ingredients used for producing a product. Once a BOM is created, it can be used as a template for making production jobs quickly and easily.

BOMs also allow the quick calculation of component materials based on the number of items planned for production.

In Cin7 a BOM can be used for any industry where components or ingredients are used to produce finished goods.

Creating a BOM

A template BOM can be created and saved against a product. It is only possible to have one BOM assigned to each product.

Before creating a BOM, make sure you have:

  • Created a product for your finished product
  • Created a product for each of your components

To create a BOM:

  1. From the left navigation, click Products.
  2. Hover over the icon next to your selected product and click *BOM.
  3. In the following screen, the first line item in the grid will be the product you are making.
    Click in the Make BOM column and select Make.
    Select Make because you are making a finished product using component products.
  4. Three new light blue lines will appear underneath the finished product row. Enter your component products in these lines.

    Only enter component products in light blue rows, with the Use label. Entering components on white lines will mean the components are not included in the template. To insert additional light blue lines, click in the Format column and select Insert Row Below.

  5. Enter the quantity of the component items required to make 1 unit of your finished product.
    The cost of the component items will populate from the cost in the product module.
  6. Click Approve

Editing a BOM

Once a BOM has been created, it can be changed, but cannot be deleted.

To edit a BOM that you have made:

  1. From the left navigation, select Products
  2. Hover over the cog icon, and select Edit BOM
  3. From here you can add or remove line items from the BOM


I've got a product with multiple product options - how does this work?

If you edit the BOM for a product with multiple product options, each option will appear as a finished product line in the BOM. You will need to create a new BOM for each product option.

Is it possible to import BOMs?

Absolutely, take a look at Importing BOMs.

I assemble products that have multiple levels of BOMs - how do I enter this?

Create a BOM for each sub-component separately, and then create a BOM for your finished product with those sub-components as components.