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Duplicate Barcodes

Last updated 22/01/2021

Overview of and how to fix duplicate barcodes.

Barcode validation

When using barcodes to identify your products, it is important to ensure that these codes are unique.  Cin7 will run a validation check when you are saving a new or updated product, or running a bulk import/update of products.

If using size ranges against your product then the size barcodes will also need to be unique as well
Note: The validation will not include disabled products. i.e. if a product has been disabled it will be possible to reuse the barcode for a new item if required.
Identifying existing duplicates

To check if there are existing duplicates already in the system there is a report available from the reports library called "Duplicate Barcodes", to add this report to your library, click Manage Reports and Permissions, find the Duplicate Barcode report and click Install (You will need Admin Access) and will list all current products that currently have a barcode which is duplicated in the system.

Fixing Duplicates

If a duplicate barcode has been found either via the report or during the validation steps the codes will need to be made unique in order to continue using the products involved.

To change barcodes manually click into the product details page and update the "Barcode" or Size Barcode fields manually.  If you are wanting to reassign all barcodes in a full size range then click into each size barcode field and remove the barcode before clicking "Create UPC Barcodes"

Once a product's barcode has been updated, new labels will need to be printed with the updated code.  From the product list page hover over the cog icon and click label.