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Merging or Splitting Product Options

Last updated 22/01/2021

How to combine or split Products and related consequences.

Split Products

Splitting products will separate multiple Product Options under one Product into multiple Products with a single Product Option. For example, imagine splitting a Product with two options, Red and Blue, into a "Red product" and a separate "Blue product".

To split a Product, the product must have multiple options.

  1. Select a Product with multiple options:

  2. From the Products page, tick the Product Options.

  3. Hover over Actions and select Split Products.
  4. Select Confirm in the page that follows.
  5. On the next page, select Back to Products List.
    The Product option has been split.

Merge Products

Merging will combine all Product Options under one Product. This means that the product details of one product will be lost. When merging, you will get a choice of which Product Option to keep and which to remove. Once merged, the product details that were removed cannot be retrieved so merge with care!

Merging products simply inserts the Product Options from one product underneath another; it does not consolidate duplicated Product Options.

To merge products:

  1. Select the Products you want to merge.
  2. Hover over Actions and select Merge Products.

  3. The following screen provides the option of which product to keep.

  4. Select Merge, then on the screen that follows, select Confirm.
  5. The Products will now be merged and display as Product Options within the retained Product.  All pricing, barcodes, and any stock on hand values will remain against each Product Code after the merge.