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Price and Cost Tiers

Last updated 22/01/2021

Overview of Price and Cost Tiers.


Price Tiers

The price of a product is the amount that customers pay to purchase your product. Products in Cin7 can have different Price Tiers. These allow products to be sold at different prices depending on the type of customer, for example Retail, Wholesale, or VIP.

They can also be used for selling to customers in different currencies. Customers can be assigned a default price tier, or price tiers can be selected at the time of sale from a drop-down list.

Cost Tiers

The cost of a product is the price that you pay to purchase your products from the supplier, not the landed average cost that is applied to your inventory items. All products must have a cost entered in your home currency. However, products can also have different cost tiers, allowing you to purchase products in different currencies.

Foreign currency costs are automatically updated if you purchase the product for a different cost than the one stored in the system.

Locating Price/Cost Tier Settings

To access these settings:

  1. While logged in as an Administrator, select your username in the top right and then select Settings
  2. Under the Setup menu, select Update Price and Cost Tiers.

Creating New Price/Cost Tiers

Some Price and Cost Tiers will be automatically created for you when you first set up Cin7, based on your answers to a questionnaire.

To create additional Price or Cost Tiers:

  1. Navigate to the Price/Cost Tiers settings page, as described above.
  2. Select Create New underneath the type of Price (Sell) or Cost (Buy) option you would like to add.
  3. Enter a name for the new option and select Create.

Price and Cost Tier Settings

From the Settings page, options can be added, removed, and adjusted. To locate the Settings page, please follow the instructions above.

Price/Cost Options Settings
On/Off Most Price and Cost Tiers can be switched on and off using these checkboxes.
Name Modify this field to change the name of a tier.
Foreign Currency Select a currency to apply to the tier using the dropdown.
Tax Status
  • Incl - the price is inclusive of tax.
  • Excl - the price is exclusive of tax.
  • Exempt - the price is exempt from tax.
Compare To Retail Price If enabled for a Price Tier, Cin7 will display any discounts resulting from Special Price Tiers to customers and sales associated with that Price Tier. The discount will be displayed on B2B sites.

Special Price Tier

Special Price Tiers are used to temporarily discount a product for a specified period of time; for example, during an end-of-season sale. Special prices will be applied to any customer types that did not already have a lower price due to their Price Tier. These tiers are always available to use so you do not need to enable or disable them.

To create a special price option for a product:

  1. From the left navigation, select Products.
  2. Search for the product and select the product name.
  3. Under Pricing, enter the special price in the Special$ column, a Start Date, and the number of Days that the special price will be active.

Alternatively, Special Price Tiers can be imported via a spreadsheet.

At the conclusion of the special pricing period, the prices for the product will return to their previous levels.


Can the price tier be calculated as x% of the cost tier?

No. Each option is independent and there is no way of using a formula like this in the system. However, an easy way to do this would be to update prices using a spreadsheet.

How do I rename a Price Tier?

Navigate to the Price/Cost Tier settings page as described near the top of this article. Modify the Name field and save your changes.

Can I hide the retail price?

No. This functionality is not available at this time.