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Importing Product Images in Bulk

Last updated 17/02/2021

How to upload images for multiple products at one time via Bulk Upload Product Images.


In order to upload multiple images in one go, your images must meet certain requirements:

  • Image files must be no larger than 3MB each.
  • Images must be .jpg, .jpeg ,gif, .png, or .bmp (Ideally images will be .jpg. Although .gif, .bmp and .png are supported, these file types are converted to .jpg upon upload. For images with transparency, this can cause quality issues.
  • Image titles must match the code of the associated product.

Images can be uploaded in batches of 1,000 at any one time.

Naming your Image Files

Images can appear against Products, and Product Options. For more information about where Images appear in Cin7, see the Product Images Help article.

Product Images

For Product Images, the image filename should match the Style Code of each product.

To upload 2nd and 3rd images, you must append "_2" and "_3" to the filename.

For example, for a product with Style Code "ball":

Images should be prepared with filenames "ball.jpg", "ball_2.jpg" and "ball_3.jpg" as follows:

Product Option Images

For Product Option Images, the image filename should match the Code for each option.

For example, for a product that's a t-shirt with the following options:

...images should be prepared with filenames "ts1-r.jpg" and "ts1-b.jpg":

When a Product Option Image is uploaded, the first image that is uploaded is also added as a Product Image.

Uploading your Images

Once images are titled correctly, you can then upload them.

To upload images:

  1. From the left navigation, select Products.
  2. Select the Actions menu then select Bulk Upload Product Images.
  3. Either drag and drop files into the highlighted area on-screen or choose Select files to find the correct folder and file(s).
  4. Select Upload to upload the images.
    A log of the progress will be shown on the right-hand side.