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Merging Purchase Orders

Last updated 22/01/2021

How to merge multiple Purchase Orders into a single Purchase Order.


If you need to combine two Purchase Orders into one, Cin7 has a useful feature to Merge Purchase Orders. By ticking two orders, the feature will add the line items from the smallest order to the order with the greatest value. The smaller Purchase Order, now empty, is then voided.

There are some important points to note before merging Purchases:

  • Be very careful merging Purchases with a large number of line items. If the resulting order has too many line items (500 or more) the order may not open.
  • Purchases should only be merged before they have been received.
The merge process cannot be undone.  Make sure you want to merge before completing the merge process.

Merging Purchase Orders

To merge two Purchase Orders:

  1. From the Left Navigation, select Purchases and then select Purchase Orders.
  2. Select the two orders you would like to merge.
  3. From the Actions menu, select Merge Purchase Orders.
  4. Finally, Save the resulting Purchase Order to complete the merge
The system will allow you to merge Purchases with different currencies and tax rates; prior to merging, make sure the purchases are consistent!



If both orders contain the same products, will these products be consolidated into one line?

No. Merging Purchase Orders will simply insert the lines of the smaller value order underneath the lines of the largest value order.