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Creating an Email Template for Purchases

Last updated 22/01/2021

How to set up multiple email templates for your Purchase Orders.


Email templates are useful if you send multiple Purchase Order documents to your logistics company and you would like to use a customized, standard email format for them.

It is possible to create multiple email templates in Cin7.

For more information on emailing Purchase Orders to Suppliers see Emailing a Purchase Orders, and Emailing a Purchase Orders in Bulk.

Creating a Template

To Create an email template:

  1. While logged in as an Administrator, click on your username in the top right and then select Settings.
  2. Select Purchase Order Email Templates.
  3. Open the Create New link, on the top right, in a new browser tab.
  4. In the original browser tab, select Design
  5. Copy the settings from the existing template to the new template
  6. Make any modifications required, then select Save.

Setting a Default From (Sender) Address

You can set a default From email address for a template. This will mean that every email will be sent with a specific sender address, regardless of the user that sends the email.

To do this the email address must belong to a user of the system.

Simply add a user or users to the From Users list:

Setting a Default CC/BCC Address

You can select a Default CC or Default BCC for your email template - this will CC or BCC the same person every time this template is sent.

To do this - simply add their email address to the Default CC and/or Default BCC fields:

Inserting Dynamic Fields

You can insert dynamic fields into your email templates - these are fields that will change for each email depending on certain fields within the order itself. An example may be First name, which changes based on the recipient.

To do this:

  1. Insert your cursor into the email template at the place you would like to insert the field.
  2. Type "%" and you will see a list of possible dynamic fields will appear. 
  3. Select from the list and the variable for the dynamic field will be inserted into your email.

Available Dynamic Fields

Type Tag Explanation
CreatedDate %%ATT:CreatedDate%%  
FirstName %%ATT:FirstName%%  
LastName %%ATT:LastName%%  
Company %%ATT:Company%%  
Email %%ATT:Email%%  
Phone %%ATT:Phone%%  
Mobile %%ATT:Mobile%%  
Fax %%ATT:Fax%%  
DeliveryFirstName %%ATT:DeliveryFirstName%%  
DeliveryLastName %%ATT:DeliveryLastName%%  
DeliveryCompany %%ATT:DeliveryCompany%%  
DeliveryStreet %%ATT:DeliveryStreet%%  
DeliverySuburb %%ATT:DeliverySuburb%%  
DeliveryCity %%ATT:DeliveryCity%%  
DeliveryState %%ATT:DeliveryState%%  
DeliveryPostalCode %%ATT:DeliveryPostalCode%%  
DeliveryCountry %%ATT:DeliveryCountry%%  
BillingFirstName %%ATT:BillingFirstName%%  
BillingLastName %%ATT:BillingLastName%%  
BillingCompany %%ATT:BillingCompany%%  
BillingStreet %%ATT:BillingStreet%%  
BillingSuburb %%ATT:BillingSuburb%%  
BillingCity %%ATT:BillingCity%%  
BillingState %%ATT:BillingState%%  
BillingPostalCode %%ATT:BillingPostalCode%%  
BillingCountry %%ATT:BillingCountry%%  
CustomerComments %%ATT:CustomerComments%%  
Reference %%ATT:Reference%% The order reference number.
ProductCost %%ATT:ProductCost%% The subtotal of products.
ProductCostConverted %%ATT:ProductCostConverted%% The subtotal of products, converted to appropriate currency.
GSTCost %%ATT:GSTCost%%  
GSTCostConverted %%ATT:GSTCostConverted%%  
GSTStatus %%ATT:GSTStatus%%  
DeliveryCost %%ATT:DeliveryCost%%  
DeliveryCostConverted %%ATT:DeliveryCostConverted%%  
FreightId %%ATT:FreightId%%  
FreightDescription %%ATT:FreightDescription%%  
TrackingCode %%ATT:TrackingCode%%  
Discount %%ATT:Discount%%  
DiscountConverted %%ATT:DiscountConverted%%  
DiscountDescription %%ATT:DiscountDescription%%  
GSTAmount %%ATT:GSTAmount%%  
GSTAmountConverted %%ATT:GSTAmountConverted%%  
TotalCost %%ATT:TotalCost%% The grand total of the order.
TotalCostConverted %%ATT:TotalCostConverted%% The grand total of products, converted to appropriate currency.
TotalIncludingGST %%ATT:TotalIncludingGST%%  
TotalIncludingGSTConverted %%ATT:TotalIncludingGSTConverted%%  
ConversionRate %%ATT:ConversionRate%%  
CurrencyId %%ATT:CurrencyId%%  
CurrencyName %%ATT:CurrencyName%%  
CurrencySymbol %%ATT:CurrencySymbol%%  
CloseInvoiceDate %%ATT:CloseInvoiceDate%% The Invoice date. 
UserFirstName %%ATT:users.strFirstName%%
The first name of the Cin7 user sending the email.
UserLastName %%ATT:users.strLastName%%
The last name of the Cin7 user sending the email.
UserTitle %%ATT:users.strTitle%%
The title of the Cin7 user sending the email.
UserEmail %%ATT:users.strEmail%%
The email address of the Cin7 user sending the email.
UserPhone %%ATT:users.strPhone%%
The phone number of the Cin7 user sending the email.
UserMobile %%ATT:users.strMobile%%
The mobile number of the Cin7 user sending the email.
UserSkype %%ATT:users.strSkype%%
The Skype address of the Cin7 user sending the email.