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Emailing Purchase Orders in Bulk

Last updated 22/01/2021

How to use the Bulk Email feature to send multiple Purchase Orders to Suppliers at the same time.


The Bulk Email feature allows you to send multiple Purchase Orders to their respective Suppliers simultaneously.

This might be useful if you have made multiple Purchase Orders and you would like to send them at the end of the day in one batch.

To enable the feature, you must first set up the Bulk Email feature in the settings. See the Purchase Order Settings Help article for additional information.

Bulk Emailing Purchase Orders

To email Purchase Orders in bulk:

  1. From the Left Navigation, select Purchases and then select Purchase Orders.
  2. From the List page, select the orders that you would like to update.
  3. Hover over the Actions button, then select Bulk Email Purchase Order.
    You should see an example email for the first record in the list.
  4. Select Send Batch.

This will send an email for each of the select Purchase Orders.