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Emailing Purchase Orders

Last updated 22/01/2021

How to email Purchase Orders directly to Suppliers from within Cin7.

Emailing a Supplier

You can send an email to your Suppliers directly from Cin7. Each email attaches a copy of the Purchase Order as a PDF. The email will pre-populate with the Supplier's email address that has been entered in the Supplier details of the order.

To send an email:

  1. Navigate to the Admin screen of an order using one of the following paths:
    • From the list page, hover over the cog icon and click on Admin.
    • From within an order, click either Save to Admin, or Go To Admin.
  2. From the Templates section, click on the appropriate email template.

  3. Make any alterations to the email body as necessary.
  4. Preview the PDF by clicking the Link button, if required.

  5. At the bottom of the page, click Send Email.

The email will be sent from Cin7's servers but from your email address, shown in the top left.

If you require additional templates, see Creating an Email Template for Purchases Help article for additional information.


My emails are going to my recipient's junk mail. How do I stop this?

This is most likely an email server issue.  See the Allowing Cin7 to Email on your Behalf Help article for additional information.