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Landed Cost Overview

Last updated 22/01/2021

Overview of Landed Costs.


The Landed Cost feature within Cin7 allows you to account for the acquisition cost of a product as a part of your Inventory value.


Before you start using the landed cost feature, make sure you understand the Perpetual inventory accounting method. 

Adding custom landed cost accounts to the Purchase Order transaction page will need to be set up in the Accounting Dashboard. Please refer to the article about How to Add Custom Landed Cost accounts

Please note that the Import Cost invoice needs to be entered directly in your accounting software prior to entering the landed cost values in Cin7.


Applying Import Cost to a Purchase Order 

After you have entered the Import Cost Invoice directly in your Accounting Software. You'll need to enter the import cost values to the desired Purchase Orders within Cin7. Please refer to the article about Applying Import Cost to a Purchase Order.

Viewing the landed cost for a Purchase Order

Once you have saved the Import Cost values on a Purchase Order the import cost will be considered as a part of the landed cost for all products within the Purchase Order. The report found on the admin screen of a Purchase Order will provide you with a detailed report of landed cost values.

Reconciling SOH value between Cin7 and your Accounting Software

The Import Cost values will appear on the Stock On Hand Reconciliation report to reconcile the SOH value