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Purchase Order Report

Last updated 30/10/2019

Cin7 provides a useful report to break down the landed costs for each order. This article details how to find the report, and explains what each section of the report means.

Finding the Report

There are two ways to find the Purchase Order Report:

  • In the Purchase Order List Page, find the original Purchase, hover over the cog icon, then click Report.
  • In the Admin screen of the original Purchase Order, click on Report.

How to Read the Report

  1. The Currency the Order was created in.
  2. The exchange rate used, after deposits and final payments have been entered in your base currency.
  3. Total Customs Fee.
  4. 'Raw' Unit cost of the item in your base currency, before any additional costs applied
  5. Customs portion for this particular line item.
  6. Freight portion for this particular line item.
  7. Other costs portion for this particular line item.
  8. Final landed cost for this particular line item (i.e. unit cost + customs + freight and other costs).
  9. Line item unit price in Foreign Currency.
  10. Total Landed Cost for the entire order.
  11. Total of the entire order in Foreign Currency.

N.B. Purchases that are in your base currency can also have Freight applied to them. Their report will appear similar to this but without the Foreign Exchange elements.