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Creating a Quote

Last updated 09/01/2017

Use a quote to send pricing to your customers before making a sale.


Quotes can be used to send a proposal to your customers, to indicate quantities and pricing.

There are several advantages to using Cin7 for Quoting:

  • Quotes can be copied to Sales Orders from within the system, saving data entry.
  • Customers can approve Quotes themselves, creating a Sales Order in your system automatically.
  • You can easily filter on quotes set to expire in order to chase up customers.
  • You can report on quotes lost or won to analyse your business processes.

Creating a Quote

To create a quote:

  1. From the left navigation, select Sales, then Quotes.
  2. Click New Quote.
  3. Search your CRM for the Company or First Name in the contact fields at the top of the screen.
    If the customer does not already exist in your CRM, filling out the contact details in the quote will create a new customer upon approval.
  4. Choose the correct Branch from the dropdown, if appropriate.
  5. Enter products, quantities and prices into the grid at the bottom half of the screen.
  6. Enter an Expected Order date - the date which you expect the quote to be converted to Sale.
  7. Estimate the Probability of Winning by selecting from the dropdown.
  8. Click Approve to finalise the Quote.

Quotes do not affect the inventory levels of your products. Only upon copying the Quote to a Sales Order will Stock Available be affected.