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Connected Intelligence - Premium Reports

Last updated 22/08/2018

Connected Intelligence is a Cin7 paid app that enables a number of Premium Reports to extend the functionality of Cin7. This article gives an overview of the features.


The Connected Intelligence app contains valuable predictive analysis and business intelligence reports helping you to streamline your business and make insightful data-driven decisions.

Connected Intelligence's Premium reports will help you to:

  • Forecast cash flow
  • Analyse planned vs actual productions jobs
  • Detect and fix common anomalies in your database caused by human error (eg. products with no price, sales completed without stock)
  • Intelligently manage inventory levels across branches and perform branch transfers
  • Predict future sales and make intelligent purchasing decisions
  • And much more!

Installing Connected Intelligence

In order to access a Premium Report you must install the Connected Intelligence App from the App Store. To do this:

  1. Whilst logged in as an administrator, from the left navigation select App Store.
  2. Select Cin7 Apps, then click on Connected Intelligence.
  3. Click Request App Installation.
    Installing the app will add a download link with the Standard Reports and Retail Reports Dashboards.

The Premium Reports app installs new reports into either the Standard Reports or the Retail Reports Dashboards.

Installing Premium Reports

Once you have added Connected Intelligence, you are able to add Premium Reports to your reports dashboards.

  1. Whilst logged in as an administrator, from the left navigation click Admin and Reports.
  2. Select either Retail Reports Dashboard or Standard Reports.
  3. Click on the Manage Reports and Permissions button.
  4. Here you will be able to view all Premium Reports.  All the reports are listed under the relevant headings and have a description.
    To see the description click on the information button.
  5. Click Install.
  6. Choose whether this report should appear for Standard or Manager users.
  7. You report can now be found in the relevant dashboard.

Reports can also be updated from this dashboard. Clicking Update will give you the option to reassign permissions to this report, or uninstall the report altogether.

Featured Premium Reports

Below is a list of some of the Premium Reports available in Connected Intelligence.

Report Description
Sales Forecasting By Sales Period This report forecasts sales revenue for a specific sales period.
Sell Through Reports The sell-through rate is the amount of inventory a retailer receives from a manufacturer or supplier against what is actually said to the customer.  We have two types of Sell Through Reports within the Premium Reports module.
  • Last 30 Days 
    Details the sell-through percentage for the last 30 days.
  • By Sales Period
    Details the sell-through percentage for a specific sales period.
Purchase Order Cashflow Forecast This report, based on the delivery date of the purchase order and the payment terms, determines the date of expected payments and cash flow projections filtered by date/month.